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Residence with shared spaces

Living spaces adapted to your needs

The Alia Living residence is not a traditional residence, but a concept at the service of the collective.
It's the combination of private and shared spaces that contributes to the life of the residence.
To meet, exchange, work or relax, the shared spaces of the
residence are places for sharing, mixing uses for a tailor-made experience.

Young professionals, families,
young seniors...

Inspired by the principles of coliving, the Alia Living concept offers residents access to shared spaces throughout the day. Fully equipped, furnished, connected and decorated, these living spaces are one of the assets of the residence, and perfectly meet the needs and desires, both individual and collective, of residents.

Our shared spaces

Lounge area :

relax, meet, share

The Lougne area with home cinema includes a lounge and kitchen area for relaxing and socializing with other residents.

Accessible to all residents of the residence, it's the ideal place to get away from it all and enjoy a moment of comfort and serenity. The lounge area is open and bright, with direct access to the shared terrace.

Coworking :

Work, innovate, undertake

The residence's coworking space is fully connected (high-speed WiFi) and equipped.

Much more than just a shared office, it's an environment conducive to collaboration and productivity. Bright, open spaces and a comfortable relaxation area make you feel right at home.

Shared terrace :

Relax, enjoy, breathe

The 700 m² shared terrace includes planted areas (gardens and vegetable patches) and fully equipped (garden furniture, deckchairs, table tennis...) to ensure you relax in the best possible conditions.

The ideal place to take a well-deserved break and
recharge your batteries.

Shared gîte :


The shared gîte is a 19 m² studio with fully-equipped kitchenette, available to welcome family and friends for a week or a weekend.

The ideal option for welcoming your loved ones without hassle. All they have to do is set down their luggage and make themselves comfortable.

Connected halls :

Information, simplification

The lobbies feature connected lockers for deliveries and parcel drop-offs, as well as dynamic screens. These connected displays convey information about events in your neighborhood, your residence and public transport nearby.


All shared spaces in the Alia Living residence are delivered turnkey
for a unique experience

Flexible layout

High-speed WiFi
& Chromecast

VOD subscription

Private areas

Book your spaces directly
on MyProximity

One of the residence's major assets : the possibility of privatizing these spaces.
Do you need an extra room to accommodate your family, would you like to organize a lunch or dinner with your friends, or do you need some peace and quiet to work in a dedicated connected space? There's always a solution at Alia Living.

  • Where are the residence's common areas located ?

    The shared spaces are located on the ground floor (R+1) of the residence.

  • What is a coworking space ?

    A coworking space is a shared workspace where independent professionals, entrepreneurs and remote workers come together to work in a collaborative environment. Rather than working from home or in traditional offices, users of a coworking space rent a flexible workspace, often equipped with desks, chairs, an Internet connection and other amenities.

  • Is the shared gîte fully equipped ?

    You bet! The shared accommodation is fully furnished and equipped. The aim is to provide users with turnkey accommodation in which all they have to do is put down their suitcases.

  • Can residents make the spaces their own ?

    In fact, the residence's spaces can be privatized by residents via the MyProximity application. You'll find the following spaces in the residence: a lounge area, a coworking space and its relaxation area, a shared terrace and a shared gîte.

  • Are the spaces accessible to people from outside the residence ?

    No, shared areas are only accessible by residents. They are secured and accessible by vigik.

  • Do residents of the residence have to pay to reserve the gîte ?

    Yes, there is a reservation fee for the shared gîte. The rental cost is available on the residence's MyProximity application.

  • What facilities are available in the lounge area ?

    The lounge area includes a sitting area equipped with.... and a fully equipped kitchenette. The space gives direct access to the shared terrace.

  • What is coliving ?

    Coliving is a housing concept that offers residents access to shared spaces throughout the day, in addition to their private accommodation. Fully equipped, furnished, connected and decorated, these living spaces are delivered on a turnkey basis and perfectly meet the needs and desires, both individual and collective, of the residents. In the face of changing lifestyles and consumption patterns, living together is an age-old practice that's come back into fashion!

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