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Frequently asked questions


  • How many units does the residence include ?  

    The Alia Living residence comprises 106 units, from T1 to T4.  

  • Is the residence secure ?  

    Access to the residence is secure. The apartments are equipped with a central connected tablet, enabling residents to manage their homes remotely and in real time. The tool includes a remote monitoring service.  

  • Does the residence have green spaces?  

    The residence blends harmoniously and respectfully into its surroundings. A shared terrace on the ground floor (R+1) is available to residents. It features planted areas (gardens and vegetable patches) and amenities (garden furniture, deckchairs, ping-pong table, etc.) to provide residents with the best possible conditions for relaxation.  

  • Where is the residence located ?  

    The residence is located in the heart of the Descartes district of Champs-sur-Marne, at the intersection of boulevards Newton and Copernic.  

  • Where is Champs-sur-Marne?  

    Located 24 kilometers from the center of Paris, Champs-sur-Marne is a city in the eastern Paris region that is experiencing constant growth. This development strengthens its attractiveness to those who wish to live or work here, offering all the advantages of a large city on a human scale.   

  • Are there shops and services close to the residence?  

    With shops at the foot of the building, the residence complements the existing range of services and blends harmoniously into its surroundings. Descartes is a lively, attractive neighborhood on a human scale, offering residents quality services on a daily basis: local shops and services, sports and cultural facilities, educational establishments (early childhood, schools, colleges, higher education), restaurants...  

  • Is the residence well served by public transport?  

    The commune occupies a prime position in the Grand Paris-Express community thanks to the transformation of the multimodal RER station. The Noisy-Champs RER A station is at the foot of the residence. The station is just down the road from the Noisy-Champs RER A station, providing access to Place de la Nation in 17 minutes, the heart of Paris in 23 minutes and Paris-La-Défense in 34 minutes. 

  • What services does the residence offer?  

    Alia Living offers residents a range of premium services provided by the residence's Community Manager:  

    • The presence of a Community Manager on site to respond to the needs and desires of local residents.
    • The MyProximity application for 1-click home management and access to residence services.  
    • The organization of group events at the heart of the residence.  
    • A digital concierge service accessible via the MyProximity app to make daily life easier for residents.  
    • Unlimited connectivity in private and shared areas: high-speed wifi, Chromecast and VOD subscription (shared areas only).  
  • How do I report an incident in the residence ?  

    The Alia Living residence is equipped with the MyProximity digital solution. The application enables residents to report incidents in just one click, within the residence, 24 hours a day. The request is received by the community manager, who then takes the necessary action. Residents can consult the status of the incident in real time.  

  • What shared spaces are there in the residence ?  

    The Alia Living residence boasts a number of multi-purpose shared spaces where you can meet, talk, work or relax.  

    • A lounge area comprising a sitting area and a kitchenette.  
    • A coworking space with a relaxation area, ideal for working.  
    • A shared terrace with planted and equipped areas.  
    • A shared gîte: a 19 m² studio with fully-equipped kitchenette, available to residents to welcome family and friends.  
    • Connected lobbies equipped with connected lockers and dynamic screens.  

    The shared spaces are fully equipped and connected.  


  • Are the apartments available?  

    The apartments have been available since August 04, 2023.

  • How do I submit my rental application ?  

    Submitting your rental application couldn't be easier! Simply contact our rental team by phone or e-mail to find out how to submit your application. We invite you to gather all the required supporting documents in advance, so that we can send our team a complete file. Our team will give priority to complete applications.  

  • What charges are included in the rent ?  

    The charges included in the rent are condominium fees and service charges. 

  • How much are the charges?  

    Charges vary according to the type of apartment:  

    • T1 from €113  
    • T2 from €141  
    • T3 from €196  
    • T4 from €248  
  • Is it possible to visit the apartments ?  

    A 3 room show home is available in the residence, so visits can be arranged on request. You can already take a virtual tour of the show home on our website to get a better idea of what it will be like.  

    The rental team is at your disposal to arrange an on-site visit to the show home.  

  • Do the homes have outdoor space?  

    All apartments, from T1 to T4, feature an outdoor space : a loggia, balcony or terrace.  

  • Are the apartments rented furnished ?  

    The units are rented unfurnished. 

  • What equipment is available in the home ?  

    The apartments are equipped with home automation. A central connected tablet enables the apartment to be managed remotely in real time: temperature sensor, remote surveillance, connected heating, lighting management, etc. Openings are equipped with motorized roller shutters.  

    The kitchen is fully equipped with oven, hob, extractor, fridge, freezer, dishwasher and washing machine.  

    The bathroom is equipped with an electric towel dryer and thermostatic taps.  

  • What are the rental prices ?  

    Rents vary according to the size of the property. Below you'll find a breakdown of rents, excluding charges, by housing type :

    • T1 from €743 HC/month  
    • T2 from €884 HC/month  
    • T3 from €1,042 HC/month  
    • T4 from €1,284 HC/month  
  • What do I need to include in my rental file ? 

    To apply for one of the homes in the Alia Living residence, you must send us a complete application. Depending on your situation, the following documents will be required :  

    • Identification (ID card or passport) front and back.  
    • Last 3 rent receipts  
    • Last 3 pay slips or employment certificates  
    • Last 2 tax notices  

    If you have a physical or moral guarantor, supporting documents will also be requested.  


  • Where are the residence's common areas located ?

    The shared spaces are located on the ground floor (R+1) of the residence.

  • What is a coworking space ?

    A coworking space is a shared workspace where independent professionals, entrepreneurs and remote workers come together to work in a collaborative environment. Rather than working from home or in traditional offices, users of a coworking space rent a flexible workspace, often equipped with desks, chairs, an Internet connection and other amenities.

  • Is the shared gîte fully equipped ?

    You bet! The shared accommodation is fully furnished and equipped. The aim is to provide users with turnkey accommodation in which all they have to do is put down their suitcases.

  • Can residents make the spaces their own ?

    In fact, the residence's spaces can be privatized by residents via the MyProximity application. You'll find the following spaces in the residence: a lounge area, a coworking space and its relaxation area, a shared terrace and a shared gîte.

  • Are the spaces accessible to people from outside the residence ?

    No, shared areas are only accessible by residents. They are secured and accessible by vigik.

  • Do residents of the residence have to pay to reserve the gîte ?

    Yes, there is a reservation fee for the shared gîte. The rental cost is available on the residence's MyProximity application.

  • What facilities are available in the lounge area ?

    The lounge area includes a sitting area equipped with.... and a fully equipped kitchenette. The space gives direct access to the shared terrace.

  • What is coliving ?

    Coliving is a housing concept that offers residents access to shared spaces throughout the day, in addition to their private accommodation. Fully equipped, furnished, connected and decorated, these living spaces are delivered on a turnkey basis and perfectly meet the needs and desires, both individual and collective, of the residents. In the face of changing lifestyles and consumption patterns, living together is an age-old practice that's come back into fashion!


  • How do I connect to the MyProximity application ?

    The MyProximity application is available on the Android and iOS stores. Once your details have been sent to our team and validated, simply create an account by entering your first and last name, e-mail address and password. You'll then receive a MyProximity registration confirmation e-mail in your inbox. Simply click on the "I confirm my registration" link.

  • Is the MyProximity application free ?

    The application is 100% free for residents of the residence. Just create your account in a few clicks, and you'll be able to access all the services offered within the residence: concierge service, shared parking, community events, etc.

  • Are individual and collective services included in the rent ?

    Yes, service charges are included in the rent.

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